Devlog: update 1.1


Version 1.1 is being developed. It contains minor UI improvements, timetable generation engine optimization, enhanced aircraft and airport database and the most requested feature by users: cruise AI traffic.

Because of the costs implied in gathering real data from flights all over the world to create traffic that could appear while in cruise flight, and the fact that we do not want to increase the monthly cost, we went for an alternative but effective solution:

AI Live traffic will load real flight data (not in real time) from all the airports around your route, this way you will have real traffic in real time in your origin and destination airports and real traffic flying from all other airports around the region you are flying to have crowded skies when in cruise flight.

Take a look at some screenshots from our last test. We did a quick flight from Tucson KTUS to Albuquerque KABQ and were very please to be surrounded by many real flights with different origins and departures.

Our development continues, keep updated!

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