Update 1.3.00 is online


AI Live Traffic update 1.3.00 has been released. 

It provides compatibility with Prepar3d v5. Also a major improvement is the new “add-on installed” check for FLAI users.


  • Prepar3D v5 enabled.
  • FLAI add-on check in Prepar3D v4 and v5. When saving settings the app will check if the add-on is properly setup in your simulator, if not it will add it automatically.
  • ICAO database updated for the newest airports and aircraft.
  • Settings UI improved
  • Force notepad to open AILiveries files.

Please go to the download page and reinstall your app.


  1. Tarek A Salman

    hi my email ts3d@live.com i bough your product but seem is not working i followed all your video still no luck IM using p3d v5

    1. lzaragoz

      Hi, please send an email to support@ailivetraffic so we could help you.

  2. alessandro

    Hi, when I try to generate a timetable this error comes out. “API error: Query failed on request init”
    I think I have done everything correctly and I use FLAi


    1. lzaragoz

      Hi, this error is given by server or internet connection problems mostly.
      If the problem persists please send the logbook.txt file to support@ailivetraffic.com for further inspection.

  3. Icke

    Will there be an update for the new BER / EDDB airport in Berlin?

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