Video | Spotting ANA’s new A380 first flight at Honolulu


We used AI Live Traffic to do some spotting at Honolulu intl airport PHNL / HNL to catch one of the first flights of ANA’s new Airbus A380 “Flying Honu” in real time.

First we visited and did a search for an A380 AI Model repaint with the “Flying Honu” library, we found a beautiful repaint for The Fruit Stand freeware model made by Fumitaka Hayashi.

Then, we wait for the estimated arrival time of the real flight and run AI Live Traffic to generate timetables for PHNL. 

We were able to do some spotting in real time at HNL and were very pleased to see the giant Honu approaching and landing there.

A brief explanation on how AI Live Traffic will help you to synchronize your AI aircraft traffic with real world flights in real time is given in the video. A dedicated tutorial will be published soon.

This shows a great way to use AI Live Traffic to get the most from real flights as they happen in real life within your flight simulator.

If you have not tried it go and download the free trial app.

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