Version 1.1 released


AI Live Traffic version 1.1 has been released.

It brings a major feature requested by users: real traffic from en-route airports among other improvements.


AI Traffic in cruise flight.

Now AI Live Traffic will load real flights from the main airports along your route to populate the skies while you are in cruise flight. In the last version only flights departing and arriving at your origin and destination airports where loaded, this led to very few activity while in cruise. 

While en-route flights are not in real time to keep price affordable,  they are taken from recent real world timetables, almost 90% airline coverage for the most busiest airports in the area, you will see real flights in their correct schedule day and time (Within the imitations of the ESP AI engine).

First areas added are Canada, US (including Hawaii and Alaska, Mexico, central America and Europe. We will continue adding areas in the coming weeks, we will let you know in our blog when updated. Updates will be automatically downloaded in the background when available.


AI aircraft braking and roll out improvement.

Another great update is the new AI aircraft landing braking and roll out improvement.

Every time you run the aircraft analyzer it will analyze all your AI aircraft and modify it’s landing, braking and roll out performance, modifying it if necessary, looking for the most realistic braking and roll out distance and speed.

This will improve your airport AI performance with less go arounds and more realistic taxi.


Missing airports added.

Another improvement includes the addition of new airports that were missed from the database: OTHH, VTBS, SEQM and SPJC. These airports were not within the default flight simulator airport list as they are newly build. Now you can generate real flight plans for your AI Traffic at this locations.

As requested by users there is a new sub-menu in the “View logs” option, now you can open the monitor timetables at any time.

Bugs fixed.

Some bugs have been fixed:

  • “Run analyzer” warning message on first installation kept showing.
  • App froze when changing active sim in Settings.
  • App froze when running the Aircraft analyzer and the additional aircraft directory selected did not exist.
  • Some flight plans had wrong ETE, those flights where not compiled.

Installer is available now in the download section.

Thank you for your support, we will continue improving AI Live Traffic.


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