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Your AI traffic flying real live world flights every day!

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Your AI traffic flying real life flights always!

AI Live Traffic is an innovative Windows app that will  look for real life airline flights in real time every time you fly in FSX or Prepar3D v4 and v5. 

You will see only real flights as they are happening in real life in your departure and arrival airports.

You only need an AI aircraft library installed, there are many options both free and payware, Take a look at the available resources in the web.

Get rid of the fake and outdated timetables for your AI traffic.


AI Live Traffic

Real flights
Real time

How it works

AI Live Traffic will search for all available flights in the real world at your departure and arrival airports (Where you interact with most traffic in your flight) in real time and compile them into FSX/Prepar3D AI traffic flight plans. 

You will see only real flights inside your flight simulator as they happen in real life. (Flight number, airline, aircraft type, origin, destination and schedule is as real as it gets; exact position is not pin point accurate).

Due the dynamic real world schedules, up to 8 hours of real flights can be compiled at a time.

1. Setup your flight

Select your origin and destination airports and estimated departure/arrival times.

2. Real data search

AI Live Traffic will look for real world flights in real time and will generate all AI traffic flight plans needed to replicate real flights in your origin and destination airports within your flight simulator.

3. Compile and install

All real flights will be matched with your AI aircraft library and will compile and install the generated AI traffic flight plans into your FSX / P3D flight simulator.

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Your AI traffic alive!

Populate all your flight simulator airports, from small regional to large hubs, with real life traffic happening in real time.

(Freeware AI aircraft models used for these pictures)

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AI Live Traffic requires AI aircraft models and airline repaints to be pre-installed in your flight simulator. Our app does not install any aircraft model or texture repaint.

Take a look at our AI aircraft resource library, there you will find many free and payware AI models and repaints to enhance your AI traffic library.

AI aircraft resources

Your AI aircraft flying real life flights!

  • Works with FSX Legacy/ Steam and Prepar3D v3, v4 and v5.
  • Compatible with almost almost all AI aircraft available (Freeware and payware): Ultimate Traffic, Global traffic, FLAI, WOAI, AIG, BVAI, FLAI, IVAO MTL and more.
  • Customize every AI aircraft livery, set percent usage and unique liveries. Personalize your fleet!
  • Friendly user interface, just 2 clicks to generate a real flightplan package to be used by your AI traffic.


Windows 10

FSX Legacy, FSX Steam, Prepar3D v3, v4 or v5 installed.

AI aircraft models and real life airline repaints installed.

Internet connection

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