What is AI Live Traffic

AI Live Traffic is a Windows app that will generate FSX/P3D AI traffic flight plans from real world timetables in real time for specifics airports and compile and install them in your flight simulator.

Right now there are many AI traffic packages which contains flight timetables for almost all airlines in the world. However, because these timetables are gathered from a specific week of a year they are not updated until another package is released, if lucky, same goes for freeware and payware packages. You will see the same static timetables always!

Real world airlines do not work like that. Flights schedules are dynamic and change really fast; Frequently they have new routes, fleet additions, retirements, equipment changes, etc, and these are not reflected in the “static” AI packages.


This is where AI Live Traffic will help you to enhance your flight simulator realism: Every time you open your simulator you will see airliners flying real flights that match with the real world counterpart. You could even sit and spot airliners in your favorite airport and keep track of them with popular flight trackers like Flightaware, FlightRadar24, Flightstats, etc.

Our algorithms can match almost all turnarounds as in real life, optimizing and making more realistic your airport landscape. This way a single aircraft does an arrival and a departure with a few minutes in between at the gate, as in real world.

No need to download and install every airline flight plan package in the world, just set your origin and destination airport and AI Live Traffic will look for the real world flight schedules.

How it works

AI Live Traffic will search for all the airlines scheduled timetables in the real world for your origin and destination airport, then it will match every flight parsed with your personal AI Aircraft library and will create and compile the generated flight plans to be used within FSX or P3D as AI traffic. You will see only real flights inside your flight simulator.


AI Live Traffic uses the default AI traffic engine from FSX/P3D, flight plans are compiled as BGL files. 

Because of the dynamic real timetable management which releases scheduled flights few hours before it departs, AI Live Traffic needs to look for new scheduled flights every time you will start your simulator and generate a new package.

Try it now!

Download the fully functional trial app and add real life traffic to your flight simulator.