Are all flights real?

We gather real world airlines data from a reliable source, all flights you will see inside your simulator will have real data attached to them: origin, destination, flight number, ETD, ETA and equipment type.


How can I know if flights are exactly as in real life?

When a flight plan is generated, a timetable html file is created in your documents folder, you can compare this information with flight trackers in the web such as Flightaware, FlightRadar24, Flight Stats, etc. You will be surprised when comparing!


Are aircraft injected in real time?

AILT does not inject traffic into the simulator, it compiles and install the traffic files as BGL to be used by the simulator when started.


Aircraft registration (tail number) can be retrieved from source data?

At this time the source data does not include this information.


What airports does AILT cover?

All medium to large airports in the world are covered by AILT. Small airports data depends on the airlines serving them, many small local airlines do not send their flight data to the network used as source by AILT.


How many time before my flight should I generate a flight plan in AILT?

Recommended time is within 30 to 60 minutes before your depart time for most accuracy.


Can I use the default FSX/P3D aircraft with AILT?

Only AI aircraft can be detected by AILT as long as it has the right information in its aircraft.cfg file. It is not recommended to use non AI optimized aircraft because of the performance hit you will have.


How can an aircraft be configured to be used by AILT?

AILT needs to add the aircraft and airline ICAO codes to the user library. This information must be setup in the aircraft.cfg file. Variables used are ramp_code and atc_model. For more information contact support.


Do I need to install all the airlines liveries in the world to use AILT?

You can start with one airline at a time, AILT will compile only the flights for the airlines and aircraft type you have installed. However there are free and payware packages that will help you to start with a lots of airlines. 

Where can I find AI optimized aircraft to install in my simulator?

Visit the Aircraft resource page, there you will find many links for free and payware packages.


Does AILT need to be running while using FSX/P3D?

No, once flight plans are generated and installed the app can be closed and the flight simulator could be started.

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