Known issues

Rev. 2019.05.10

  • You must set the actual UTC time in your simulator and double check when the scenario has been loaded, so the traffic could be seen as in real life. FSX and P3D have a bug handling UTC times, they get confused with local time zones. 
  • AILT generated flights uses the default FSX/P3D AI traffic engine, so all aircraft will inherit the ESP engine limitations and behavior.
  • Raw source data sometimes has wrong information about the flight number and equipment. For example an aircraft could be listed as an AT72 as it lands and will be programmed as an AT42 when departing, if this happens AILT can not match turnarounds and will generate 2 flights (2 aircraft) instead of a single one.
  • Raw source data does not have the 100% of flights at any airport. There will be a percent of airline flights missing (8% at most).
  • General aviation flights rarely appears within the source raw data.
  • Some flights are not published by airlines until a few hours before departure, flight plans generated with more than 2 hours of anticipation will not be as accurate as those generated within one hour from the departure time.
  • Estimated departure time is the approximate push back time, but real life is way too chaotic and can not be matched exactly within the simulator.
  • Because of the faulty default AI aircraft behavior, crowded airports will have many go arounds so arrival time at gate of many flights will be offset from reality.
  • Do not use the default airport ground vehicles. FSX/P3D engine is broken, it will cause a complete halt of more than 50% of the aircraft, they will remain stuck at the ramp.
  • When flying into airports other than the selected ones when generating the AILT flightplans will result in inaccurate traffic at those stations.
  • When flying outside the hours you set when generating your flight plans (Within the time margin discussed in section 7 in the user manual) you will see only static traffic parked at your airport and occasionally an aircraft landing or taking off but with no real data at all.
  • AILT will not remove user installed AI flight plans, you must remove or deactivate any if installed in your simulator, otherwise your real traffic generated by AILT will be mixed with the fake pre-installed traffic.

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